At Quintessa, we are not only here for you throughout your building process, but after you’ve unpacked your bags, had a few holidays, and settled into your cozy space. We want to guarantee you’re just as excited to walk into your home a year after you moved in as you were on your closing day. Our team at Quintessa is here to assist with any warranty-related issues that may arise. Whether it’s sending over one of our vendors, connecting you with someone in the field, or just guiding you on the right path to address an issue in your home, we want you to feel assured that Quintessa is here to help.


The one-year warranty covers our commitment to the homeowner to assist with any workmanship and material related issues that may arise. This includes manufacturer defects, and inadequate workmanship performed at the home


The two-year warranty covers any mechanical-related issues. Including but not limited to plumbing, electrical, and HVAC system issues


Structural defects regarding frame and slab are covered during this 6-year period through our third-party warranty company

Disclaimer: It is the Homeowner’s responsibility to confirm warranty procedures and details with a Quintessa Homes Representative